Uniform /Dress Code

* Students must be in complete uniform, worn properly and modestly, from the time they enter the school building until dismissal at the end of the school day on all school days. Only students who are in complete uniform will be admitted to class.

Staff & Volunteer Dress Code 
Please Click Here for Staff & Volunteer Dress Code 

Elementary School: Girls

Grade J.K -8: Navy dress/Skirt with white blouse. Recommended for Grades 6, 7, & 8 is a black Abaya with white / Green Hijab.

High School: Boys

Black formal pants, and green / white top with collar.

In specific cases, green / black sweater or black jacket with white uniform underneath is acceptable.

High School: Girls

Black plain Abaya, and green / white or black Hijab.

In specific cases, green / black sweater or black jacket is acceptable with Abaya underneath. No tight Abaya and no skirts.

Important Notes for all classes 

No Sweat pants, jeans, sportswear, PJ, slippers, etc.

Any form of images, writings, logos, etc. are not allowed.

Hoods, hats, caps, tuques, etc. are never to be worn in the school or they will be confiscated.

Disregarding the Uniform or Dress Code

It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to make sure that their child follows the school policies and guidelines. Students will be asked to leave class and/or return home if not in compliance with the uniform policies and guidelines. If the parents are not ready to come and pick the student up, the student will stay in class, but one day suspension will be arranged with the parents.