Late Or Missed Assignments

“Growing Success” page 43

Each teacher will make it clear to students early in the school year that they are responsible not only for their behavior in the classroom but also for providing evidence of their achievement of the overall expectations of the course within the timeframe specified by the teacher. Students must understand that there will be consequences for not completing assignments for evaluation or for submitting those assignments late. Students will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their learning and this will be consistently communicated to students.

Wherein the teacher’s professional judgment it is appropriate to do so, a number of strategies may be used to help prevent and/or address late and missed assignments. They include:

  • asking the student to clarify the reason for not completing the assignment
  • helping students develop better time-management skills
  • planning for major assignments to be completed in stages, so that students are less likely to be faced with an all-or-nothing situation at the last minute
  •  maintaining ongoing communication with students and/or parents about due dates and late assignments, and scheduling conferences with parents if the problem persists
  •  taking into consideration legitimate reasons for missed deadlines
  • using counseling or peer tutoring to try to deal positively with problems
  •  holding teacher-student conferences
  • reviewing the need for extra support for English language learners
  • reviewing whether students require special education services
  • requiring the student to work with a school team to complete the assignment
  • have students complete the work after school or during lunch under supervision
  • providing alternative assignments or exams where, in the teacher’s professional judgment it is reasonable and appropriate to do so
  • deducting marks for late assignments, up to and including the full value of the assignment

OIS Policy:  

  • All assignments are to be submitted by the due date.
  • If a student does not complete task by due date, the teacher reminds the student about the need to complete task and contacts home to inform parents/guardians and seek support. The teacher uses professional judgment can extend the deadline. A “Reflective Assignment” will be provided to the student.
  • If the student fails this extended deadline, (a) the teacher will have the prerogative to deduct marks for each missed day beyond the extended deadline, OR (b) a mark of zero representing zero evidence of learning will be assigned in the student’s evaluation record.
  • A date will be established for each session, after which no assignments will be accepted.

Note:   (1) Students aware they will be absent for a test/presentation must make arrangements with the teacher prior to the day of the  test/presentation. 

            (2) Parent/guardian contact will occur