In 1987, Muslim community Leaders in Ottawa had a dream to develop an Islamic School for the Muslim Children in the greater Ottawa/Carleton region Ontario, Canada.

  • Ottawa Islamic School is 100% non-profit (Waqf Lillah)
  • Ottawa Islamic School is a combination of 4 Schools (Kindergarten, Elementary, Junior, and a High School) and a Friday prayer Musalla.
  • The school developed Islamic Studies Grade 9 & 12 courses, and succeeded to get approval from the Ontario Ministry of Education {HRE13 & HRE34}
  • Students are taught the complete Ontario curriculum and receive Arabic Language, Islamic Studies and Holy Qur’an memorizing.
  • The Ottawa Islamic School is a charitable, non-profit No# 893673434RR0001
  • Ottawa Islamic School is a true inclusive and welcoming environment for all Muslims with students, and staff from all over the Muslim World.
  • Ottawa Islamic School is the only Islamic High School in North America with complete gender-separated classes (Boys and Girls) from Grade 9 to 12.
  •  Some statistics for the Ottawa Islamic School’s Grade 12 Graduates:-
Academic Years
Number of Students
Number of Students Graduated
Number of Students entered Universities
Percentage Graduated From High School
Percentage of Students Entered Universities
  •  Now, Due to the lack, or shortage of space, the school currently does not have a science laboratory, Library, and reference rooms. For the most part, the school meets all requirements with difficulty.
  •  Our expansion project which depends on the generosity of the Muslim community consists of the following:

*  Nine Classrooms for high School
* Science laboratory
* Library
* Olympic-Size Gym equipped with 5 change rooms and a commercial kitchen
* Washrooms and Ablution areas, Mechanical rooms