Prayer Room

  •  The prayer room is for praying only. Students must be quiet, respectful and following the rules of the prayer room when they enter the room until they leave.

Disregarding the Prayer Room’s Rules:

Disturbing in the prayer room (such as talking, laughing, making noise, making fun, faces, etc.) will not be tolerated.


  1. Contact the parents.
  2. Send a letter of concern.
  3. Suspension from school.

The steps below will help you (students) remain quiet: 

  1. When you enter the prayer room, sit and remember Allah secretly.
  2. Repeat after the Muathin.
  3. After Athan, pray Salat Sunnat (2 or 4 Rak’ah).
  4. Again remember Allah until Salat Starts.
  5. When Iqiama starts, line up and fix your line and do not worry about others.
  6. When Salat ends, remember Allah (Tasbeeh, read Kursi verse, etc.)
  7. Listen to the aftetr Salat reminder
  8. Leave the prayer room quietly and go straight to your classroom.