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  • Students should take a suspension seriously because it can seriously affect their performance and consequently their marks. They are also recorded in the Ontario Student Record.


The principal / Vice Principal suspends students because of: 

  • Leaving the school premises
  • Violation of the school dress code
  • Persistent opposition to authority
  • The use of profane or improper language
  • Fighting, play-fight, or instigate the fight
  • Inappropriate use of information technology
  • Conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school
  • Conduct injurious to the physical or mental well-being of others
  • Swearing at a teacher or another person in a position of authority
  • Smoking/Vaping on school property
  • Possession or sale alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, or any types of smoking devices
  • Committing an act of vandalism that causes damage to school property
  • Continuously breaking the rules of the class or the prayer room
  • Bullying (repeatedly and intentionally cause hurt or harm to another person)
  • Forging (faking) the signature of a parent/guardian without permission.
  • Making a false document or changing an existing document without authorization.

  • Important Notes:
  • Suspensions can be anywhere between one and 20 days. During that time, students are not allowed to attend classes or participate in any school-related activities.
  • When students are suspended, the school will notify the students, their teachers, parents or guardians. Notification is written and includes the reasons for suspension.
  • While under suspension, it is the responsibility of students to stay up to date with class work and assignments. Also, upon returning to school, it is the responsibility of the students to contact the subject teachers and make the necessary arrangements to cover missed work.
  • If the incident involves a criminal act, the Principal / VP may also have to notify the police. In addition to a suspension or expulsion, the police may also charge you.